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For all your PCB Manufacturing requirements whether they be Single Sided, 2 Layer, Multi-Layer, Flex, Flex-Rigid, Micro-Via, Stacked Via, Metal Backed, Thermal Management, click 'Request Quote' and use our offline quote form.

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From your schematic or circuit diagram we create a design layout for PCB manufacturing and BOM for assembly. Working closely with you to ensure optimum results for any given criteria.

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Circuit Technology Global Sourcing supplies PCB's of the highest standard and quality to customers around the globe. From one off prototypes to full scale production of PCB manufacture.

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Our Aim

We are an independent business with many years experience in the field of electronics and Printed Circuit Solutions offering printed circuit board design and manufacture, for both prototype and production quantities.

Since our formation in 2000 we have built a proven track record based on quality, technical ability and delivery

"In today's rapidly evolving and changing marketplace the need to supply reliable products on short lead times is essential."

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