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Our New Product Introduction service provides an excellent opportunity for successful product development. Circuit Technologies engineering team are ready to assist in any of your designs, including extensive DFM services and consultation sessions if required.

Circuit Technology has the ability to offer a seamless transition to large-scale, cost effective manufacturing while mitigating risk and supply chain uncertainties. You can use our online calculator for an instant quote. Alternatively attach the manufacturing files to offline quote  and we will respond to your urgent requirement.

  • Circuit Technology offers a, highly reliable, global solution to customers requiring speed to market.
  • A focus on all types of quick-turn requirements from 1-10 Layers in 5 days.
  • Advanced technology. 10 Layer and above HDI, Copper Filled Microvia and Flex in 8 Days.
  • World-class engineering commitment and support.
  • Seamless transition to pre-production and volume production requirements.
  • One of the few UK suppliers of Quick Turnaround Pre-Production quantities.

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